Photo by Greg Schultz

Dispatch from Greg Sover

What’s the best thing you’ve binged? I’ve binge watched Ozark – one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. 

Which Philadelphia restaurant should we get takeout from? I would recommend Joyeuse right off Rising Sun Ave, if you’re into Caribbean food, Joyeuse translates to joyful and that’s exactly how the food tastes.

Which Philly band should we be listening to?  Some of my favorite Philly artists are Kuf Knotz, Andorra, Jae The Artist and Mondo Cozmo.

Which non Philly bands should we be listening to? Being a blues artist, I have to shout out my favorites right now: Christone “Kingfish” Ingram and Eric Gales 

When this is over who do you want to play a show with? ANYONE at this point….can’t wait to hit the stage again 

First public place you want to go after quarantine? Dave & Busters 

First activity you will do after quarantine? Basketball 

Have you embraced cocktail hour? What is your favorite cocktail? Not into cocktails I’m more of a Jack Daniels and beer kind of guy 

Where should we be donating our dollars to help out our fellow Philadelphians? We just released a cover track of Cream’s “Politician” on bandcamp. All proceeds went towards the Youth Art & Self Empowerment Project. If you purchase the song we’ll donate for you. You can also donate directly HERE.

What’s your favorite Jawn?  Favorite jawn is my guitar 

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